Lovely words of appreciation

"Hi Tracey,
Yesterday I had an experience that makes me compelled to write this email. While celebrating Anzac day with my girlfriends at a BBQ a conversation about childcare arose. Without going into too much detail it was clear a few of my friends weren't happy with their childcare centre. And I couldn't sing your praises loud enough.

Every time we walk into the centre, it is always well presented and clean. Always different activities on the table for Ophelia to explore and new challenges like learning to write her last name. The staff are just fantastic, and I am always so impressed that teachers who aren't normally in Ophelia's class, know her and help her settle in for the day, making us feel so welcome and reassuring me that my child is loved! The atmosphere is always so pleasant and CALM. Showing me that there is a good routine and flow for the day that is consistent for the children and unified teamwork within the staff. Everybody greets us as we walk through the door and will always say something lovely to Ophelia, like "What a pretty shirt." or "Would you like me to push you on the swing?" I can be an extremely picky person (just ask Matt) but I cannot fault your centre at all. Nor would I want to.

Today when I dropped Ophelia off as soon as she saw Miss Caroline she jumped with excitement. And again when Miss Tanya came to say hello. What more could you ask for? You ladies do such an outstanding job and I am sure you don't hear it enough. I'm sure a lot of parents like me are always rushing to get to work and hardly ever stop to have a chat, so we give you guys a wave and our kids a kiss and we're out the door. I'm not sure if you know but that drive to work is always more comforting when you see that you could not have picked a better place for your child to be, than in your loving care.

So Thank-you! Thank-you all for what you do and the way you do it. And keep doing it, please! We need more of you in this world. =-)

Sincerely, Christie Ryan"

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Since the inception of the National Quality Standards in January 2012, Silky Oaks Child Care Centre is yet to be assessed under the new Quality Assurance process, thus our National Quality Framework Prescribed Provisional Rating is,"Provisional - Not Yet Assessed Under the National Quality Framework."

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"Making a Difference" - the official magazine of Silky Oaks Children's Haven.
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If you would like to receive hard copies of our magazine, please contact us so that we can add you to our mailing list.

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